Mix Stones Bracelet


  • SKU: MB1019-Mix
  • 6mm black agate, tiger eye, blue coral
  • Stainless steel
  • Size: 20cm, stretchable to fit most wrist size
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Blue Coral: Blue coral is a species of colonial coral, also known as Sponge Coral, as it contains many tiny holes on its surface. It is the only octocoral known to produce a massive skeleton.

Blue coral can calm the anxious and stressful feelings and gives people time to relax and restore themselves. It is also believed to have the ability to improve finance luck. It enhances communication skills and helps to have better relationships with other people. Blue Coral is associated with the Root, Sacral, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Agate: Agate is a common rock formation, consisting of chalcedony and quartz as its primary components, consisting of a wide variety of colors. Agates are primarily formed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Decorative uses of agates are known to date back to Ancient Greece and are used most commonly as decorations or jewelry.

Agate has the ability to enhance blood circulation and mental function, and help eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue. It brings harmony and rebalance to the mind, body and spirit.

Tiger Eye: Tiger Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown colour and a silky lustre.

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that helps inspire courage, bring confidence and make people brave, also be able to do things consistently, and be able to adhere to principles; It has the function of avoiding evil and attracting wealth. It strengthens the vitality of the body, suitable for people who are frail and sick or who have just recovered.

  • 6mm black agate, tiger eye, blue coral
  • Stainless steel
  • Size: 20cm
  • Handcrafted by the highest quality gemstones and a strong silicone string, which stretches to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Packed and wrapped in a beautiful gift pouch/box.

Note: The bracelets are made using natural gemstone beads, the colour may slightly vary to the image.