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All Saints Estate Wines

All Saints Estate is a family owned winery established in 1864 and located on the banks of the Murray River in Wahgunyah, North East Victoria. Original owners George Sutherland Smith, and John Banks, arrived from Caithness, Scotland in 1852. They were just 23 and 20 years of age. Choosing to settle in the Wahgunyah area, they used their training as engineers from the Edinburgh Railway Institute to build a bridge over the Edwards River at Deniliquin. They were also involved in the construction of several buildings in Beechworth including the Presbyterian Church, part of the Gaol and the original hospital of which the granite facade still remains today. 

Smith and Banks began growing vines at ‘Sunday Creek’ closer to Wahgunyah than the present All Saints Estate winery, before relocating to build the ‘All Saints castle’ just three miles north of Wahgunyah, in 1864. The partners took up 100 acres and proceeded with planting vines in earnest whilst also constructing pise cellars made from the estate soil.


Trifon Wines

A picturesque single estate family owned vineyard located in the Goulburn Valley, Central Victoria, 150km north of Melbourne. The region has been producing quality wines since 1860.

The estate consists of 1,450 acres of land, most of it planted to 16 top grape varieties, making it the largest single estate moderately cool climate vineyard in Victoria and one of the largest in Australia.

The estate also features 6km’s of Goulburn River frontage, a lagoon and our native forest is home to many kangaroos, koalas, wombats and cockatoos. 

For more information and contact details, please visit

Taltarni Wines

 Adam joined the Taltarni team as CEO in 2005. His diverse experience in the wine industry spans the globe, from running wine businesses in the UK to North America, France and Australia. With over 20-years experience across sales, marketing, production, distribution and commercial operations. Adam excels in bringing together first-class wine-making and vineyard teams to create a quality product and a modern, dynamic brand. He is an ambitious leader who continues to focus on producing world-class quality wines from a world class vineyard and winery.

Adam’s philosophy is to make wines for the wine lover, made to enjoy upon release yet complex enough to age with strength and grace. This philosophy of greatness, appreciation and enjoyment is directly reflected in the care and dedication that’s involved in making Taltarni’s stunning portfolio of wines.

Adam firmly believes that combining the land characteristics and fruit quality are not just interconnected, they are the integral components of great wine.


Pfeiffer Wines

Pfeiffer Wines is a family owned and operated winery, located within historic Rutherglen – a region with a rich wine heritage, spanning over 150 years.

Our historic winery cellars, and our century old Sunday Creek bridge are situated in an idyllic setting on the banks of Sunday Creek, an anabranch of the mighty Murray River.

Pfeiffer Wines produce premium, handcrafted wines of elegance – crisp whites, full-bodied reds and the internationally extolled Muscats and Topaques; luscious, intense fortified wines which are the heritage of the Australian Wine Industry.

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